July 13 Democracy Dialing info!

Hello Dialers! Welcome to our new blog, exclusively for Democracy Dialers. We will be posting key links and info about each week’s party line phone banking session–as well as self-paced phone-banking info–every week. This week, we’re once again dialing Arizona voters to let them know about Mark Kelly and to encourage them to sign up for vote by mail!

Click on the links below for talking points and script!

Mark KellyPermanent Early Voting Listscript

Some of you had questions about this phone bank from last week, which we posed to Daisy, our wonderful contact at Mission for Arizona. Here are her responses:

  • In this phase of the campaign, we are not leaving voicemails. We know that direct voter contact is the most effective, and a phone call is the best way to do that right now. We will continue to call, text, or send mailers to their home. 
  • The voters we are contacting have previously been contacted, but they have still not signed up for the Permanent Early Voting List, so we will continue to make passes of them until they get their mailers in. 
  • When making calls we will be asking Mark Kelly/Democrat questions. The Arizona team had a Biden briefing on Sunday and another one coming up on Tuesday, but the scripts will not be changing until the end of the month. 
  • NOTE: most older people are already signed up to vote by mail.
  • Overall, Arizona has had over 40,000 people statewide commit to signing up to vote by mail, but we have only seen an actual return rate of around 10% for NW Maricopa. That is why it is still so important to make multiple passes of these people. Mission for Arizona will be sending another round of mailers that are bilingual in the next month or so to people who have not returned it. 
  • Phone bank link will be available by 11 am MST on Monday, July 13th.  

Phew, I think that’s it! See you on the party line on Wednesday at 6 pm! You can RSVP  or just click below to join! Stay tuned–next week we will be calling voters in PA!


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