Build the 2022 Blue Wave with us

We’re hitting the streets! Sign up now for our weekly canvasses in south-central Pennsylvania and Baltimore County. Talking to voters is the most effective way to mobilize people to participate in our democracy. Whether you’re an experienced canvasser or brand new, we’ll make connecting with voters easy, fun, and rewarding. Training, carpools, buddies, and camaraderie are always included!


Our 2022 Strategy

At Allies for Democracy, our activism is guided by three goals: channeling grassroots people-power to expand Democratic majorities at the national level, through effective, strategic actions; growing our activist network in Baltimore by supporting campaigns and by mobilizing voters to become activists; and maximizing camaraderie and fun!

Our goals for the 2022 elections are simple. 1. Win the Senate 2. Build our movement in Baltimore!


Who we support

We support candidates up and down the ballot who are mobilizing new voters to participate in our democracy!