Speak out for FAIR MAPS!

Speak out for fair maps at the public hearing on Tuesday, December 14
at 4 pm!

Register to speak: (open 9 am-3 pm on Tuesday, December 14)
In the drop-down menu, choose
Bill 103-21 – Revision of Councilmanic Districts.

Join the hearing on Tuesday December 14 at 4 pm
Or phone at +1-415-655-0001  – Event number (access code): 2309 563 7365
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Questions or comments? Chat with FAIR MAPS organizers
Zoom from 2 pm to 3:45 pm

Sample testimony

We encourage FAIR MAPS supporters to use a version of the following to deliver as their testimony. Please know that the hearing will be online and your video will not be on, so you can feel confident reading from this screen or a printed version. If you’d like background info to write your own testimony of 450 words or less, please continue to the bottom of this page.

Thank you, Chairman Jones and Members of the Council.

My name is ________ and I live in District ____.

(If applicable, add your connection to Baltimore County and/or relevant credentials:  I am an officer of the XYZ Community Association; sent my kids to Baltimore County public schools; have a degree in ___; have lived in Baltimore County for __ years; etc)

I object to the map proposed by the Council in Bill 103-21 because:

(pick one or two that you feel right to you)

  •  The Council’s proposed map would dilute the vote of almost half the county. It’s wrong for 6 of 7 districts to be dominated by white majorities and pluralities when 48 percent of us are non-white, and 30 percent of us are Black.
  • “Packing” a supermajority of African Americans into a single district rather than creating a second majority-Black district dilutes the Black vote in violation of section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.
  • Our demographics have changed but the Council’s proposed map has not changed. One majority-black district and 6 districts dominated by white majorities and pluralities no longer reflects who we are. 
  • The Council’s map protects the interests of incumbents, not the people of Baltimore County. 
  • Communities should not be divided. The Council claims to have “reunited Towson” – a mostly White community – but has failed to unite my community of ___________. 
  • I think it’s wrong for the Baltimore County Council to use hundreds of thousands of our tax $$ to fight a completely avoidable lawsuit from the ACLU of Maryland and the NAACP. 

I support the Baltimore County Coalition for Fair Maps in calling for the Baltimore County Council to create a second majority Black district. It is morally necessary, legally required and practically feasible.

Thank you.

Background info about FAIR MAPS in Baltimore County

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