Weekly Party Lines!

PARTY LINES are our weekly phone-banking sessions

On Wednesdays from 6-8 pm and on Sundays from 4-6 pm (starting in September), we host a virtual party for our DEMOCRACY DIALERS and other phone-bankers, during which we provide links to high-impact swing-state phone banks, technical support, and camaraderie while each of us makes 50 calls to voters. Sign up to join us on Wednesdays and/or on Sundays for a session or two!

*Before you join, please review our “5 Quick Steps to take before joining our party lines.”

What to Expect

* The Party Line will feature a short introduction by our host, after which we will provide info to our dialers to start calling and/or provide training for those who would like it. Either way, we’ll be muting the party line when we dial, and then unmuting for brief check-ins and to raise a glass together at the end! Throughout, our host will be available via the chat box on the party line for any questions and comments! 
* We will be using our own phone numbers to call voters. If you prefer to not to use your own phone number, one easy and free alternative is to sign up for a Google Voice number, which you can use to dial voters instead through your computer (using Google Chrome.)

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