Voter Hotline Training with Allies for PA

Before the Training:

  1. Watch the Vote by Mail Webinar here – from the spring; ~ 1 hr 

Training To-Do List

  1. Review Presentation slides and/or watch recording of the session (password: 8h*vb*F^).
  2. Review the Hotline Manual
  3. Complete the quiz with 100% accuracy. (Quiz is open-manual, and you may repeat the quiz as many times as necessary to achieve 100% accuracy.)
  4. Fill out this quick form to let us know you have achieved 100% on the quiz and completed the training. We will send your details to Rachel Tait at PA Dems who will then grant you access to LBJ (website) and to the Slack channel:
  5. Please sign up for at least 2 shifts on the hotline. Note: if you’d like to sign up for an Election Day shift, you will need to complete 3 shifts in advance and also a separate Election Day training on October 27.

    Preparing for your shift:
  1. Review the Guide to Volunteering Remotely, which has LBJ, Dialpad, and Slack instructions. You may wish to print this guide.
  2. Download Dialpad to your phone (or you can access it on your computer at Dialpad connects you to voters and you will need a special username and password from Rachel Tait to get in.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with Slack, watch this short video:
  4. Review the Hotline FAQ before each shift, for the latest information. It is also pinned to the top of the “vopro-hotline” Slack channel.

    Starting your shift:
    1. Open slack and navigate to the “vopro-hotline” channel. Let them know you’re there and ready to start your shift. A Hotline manager will respond with your Dialpad line for that session.
    2. Log on to Dialpad
    3. Log on to LBJ
    4. Happy calling! Post questions about your calls on the Slack for rapid replies!

Reference materials:

Hotline #:833-728-6837

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