Let’s Fight For the People!

We are living through the most aggressive attack on voting rights since the Jim Crow era. Republican legislators in 48 states have introduced more than 400 anti-voter bills to suppress the vote. They are restricting access to the ballot box, selectively purging registered voters and making it possible for state officials to overturn election results altogether.

Armed with fresh census data, they’re redrawing districts to dilute the voting power of communities of color.

We have one chance to end this attack on our sacred right to vote. The For the People Act, passed by the House in March, but repeatedly filibustered by Republicans in the Senate, would vanquish this assault on our freedom to vote.

Check out our continuously updated list of excellent volunteer opportunities happening right now and SIGN UP TODAY. Keep the heat on for our right to vote!

Thank you for all you do!

-Cindy, Colleen, Dara, Liz, Silvia, Sonia and Tom
Allies for Democracy organizers

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