FAQS for Democracy Dialers

For Autodialers

For ThruTalk (Wednesdays)

  • Close ALL of your Safari tabs and windows before logging in to ThruTalk.
  • Using Chrome as your web browser seems to work best
  • There are three log in screens. The first asks for your name and email. The second asks you to enter in the unique password and username for that session, which is listed in the upper left corner of the screen. On the third log-in screen, select the George Scott campaign, and de-select the option that says “Call using computer.” Then when you go to the next screen, ThruTalk will provide you with a phone number to call to connect to the phone bank. (The phone number is 316-252-2007)

For CallFire (Sundays)

  • To use CallFire you will need to sign up for a free account using a SPECIAL LINK. We will provide the link to you during the session. Once you are signed up, you will find the phone bank when you navigate to http://www.callfire.com
  • You don’t have to wait for a beep to leave a voice mail!
  • When in doubt, code your call as “not home”
  • Voters in NC-HD12 like to know the candidate’s personal background. You can find it here.

For Manual Dialing

  • If you use Google Voice, a number different than the one you dialed will appear on your phone. Don’t worry about it and click Call.
  • Using your own number or Google Voice does not seem to make a difference in picked up calls.
  • If your number shows up on the voter’s telephone screen as Unknown or anything other than some phone number (regardless of the area code), it may lead to fewer picked up calls.
  • When you take a break from calling, do not click on Stop Making Calls. Just Save your last call and leave the next call ready for when you’re back.
  • Do not click the Left Arrow on the Calls screen: if you forgot to write a note or if you think you clicked a wrong option, keep going. Clicking the Left Arrow takes you completely off the Phone Bank and you need to log in again.
  • If you lose the connection to Zoom, just go back to your emails to find the link and re-join.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a voter’s question, say “I don’t know, and I will make a note of your question so a campaign representative can be in touch with you to answer it.” Please ask for their email, confirm their phone number and write them down in the NOTES, along with the question.
  • For questions about voting in PA, please direct the voter to this site: VOTESPA.com. The Calls screen also has the VOTESPA.com written up on the top of the page. For questions about voting in NC, direct the voter to: https://www.ncsbe.gov/
  • Some Voter’s Call page indicates there are 2 registered voters in the household. If the other registered voter answers the phone (ie. not the one you asked for) you can switch to that second registered voter’s name and run through the script. Only run through the script for any voters listed in your page and only when talking directly with one of the people listed as registered voters in that page.
  • Callers for Virginia Cox-Daugherty (NC-HD12) have the option to leave the voice mail message that appears at the bottom of the script. For PA candidates, our campaigns prefer that you do not leave voice mail messages. These are some of the reasons why: a)campaigns need more opportunities to contact voters directly (person to person); b)if we leave a message, we can’t record their answers; c)the minute we spend leaving a voice message is time we could devote to making another call that can lead to a conversation and a new supporter
  • “Busy” in the Couldn’t Reach [Voter] menu, means that the line is busy. If the voter says “I’m busy”, record as Call Later.
  • If a person doesn’t want to answer any questions and asks to be removed from the call list, never to be called again: Click on at least one option (eg. Strongly Opposed) in a drop-down menu, so that you can go to the Notes and write down Please remove from call list. Do not call again. Or something to that effect. You need to record at least one answer in the drop downs above, to be able to write down something in the Notes.
  • 10% contact rate is common and every call counts!
  • Questions? Email us at alliesforpa2020@gmail.com

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